7 Things You Should NOT To Do After A Breakup

sad-woman-after-breakupI would rather get a severe toothache or headache than go through another breakup. I cannot describe the pain that comes with a breakup. No words can ever describe that feeling. At the same time, I can never forget the horrible feeling of it. It’s just ironic that there are no words that can ever describe the feeling that can never be forgotten.

Enough of the drama; breaking up totally sucks. Nonetheless, it’s inevitable. It happens to everybody. While the aftermath of a breakup is never pretty, folks react differently to breakups. For example, there are some folks that binge, get depressed, or move on really fast. It’s different strokes for different folks. But the bottom line is that there are things that we should NEVER do after a breakup. Doing these seven things will just make us feel more miserable after a breakup.

7. Immediately Hooking Up With Someone For The Night

This is definitely not one of the smartest things to do after a break. In fact, it should NOT be done at all. It’s just going to make everything harder. Believe me, ending up with someone for the night is not a valid test of marketable existence. It just doesn’t prove anything but sheer desperation to validate one’s desirability. Hooking up with someone is good but when the time is right.

6. Getting Updates From The Social Networks

Who isn’t guilty of stalking anyone on any of the social networks. While the various social networks are the best places to get updates about the EX, it’s just not right! First of all, it’s a waste of time! Second, it’s not worth it at all. I definitely would feel bad (as in extremely bad) to see that my EX is having a good time. The less I know and hear about him, the better. My suggestion is to stay away from the social networks first. Better yet, unfriend him or if that’s too obvious, create another account. Related read: Get dating tips from the Tao of Badass

5. Being Too Nostalgic

One love song on the radio and boom, the tears start rolling down again. Now, if hearing a love song on the radio is extremely painful enough, then what’s the use of getting too nostalgic about everything else? If I can avoid it, I wouldn’t even listen to the radio or go to places where we used to go. There’s just no point in getting too nostalgic.

4. Meeting Up With The EX For Closure

Come on, what’s the use of meeting up with the EX to get closure. Fact is, it’s done, closed, and finished. Once I’m dumped, I’m dumped. It’s done! I wouldn’t call my EX for closure because chances are, he will say the same things again. Getting dumped for the second time (by the same idiot) is just not good.

3. Babbling About The EX

I really wouldn’t want to spend any precious time taking about someone that just dumped me. Why should I even glorify his existence? Next topic please!

2. Giving A Hoot About The EX’s Dates

Instead of feeling jealous and going crazy at the though of whom the EX is dating, I would rather NOT know anything more about him.

1. Moving On Right Away

Pretending that everything is okay after a breakup is not going to help. While it’s good to move on, it’s also good to spend some time crying. Seriously, we all need to acknowledge how we feel. Taking some time to reflect and even cry about a breakup is important. Come on, even Bryan McKnight was down to his one last cry! Truth is, being stoic about the situation is not going to help at all.

How about you? Any tips you’d like to share about how to cope with breaking up?


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6 thoughts on “7 Things You Should NOT To Do After A Breakup

  1. Wow! Your what-NOT-to-do list really hits a spot. I remember feeling like a total idiot asking for closure when clearly, blatantly, and obviously; my EX was already seeing someone else. It’s just amazing how stupid we can get when it comes to dating.

  2. I did the dumbest thing when my girlfriend and I broke up. I slept with her friend. Everything that happened after that was a nightmare. I had two women ganging up on me and it wasn’t pretty at all. I’m not going to do that again.

    1. Geez…that was really dumb! (sorry if I have to reiterate it). Rule number one, stay away from all her friends. Rule number two; stay away from her family. Rule number three, get hold of The Tao of Badass so you’ll be smarter next time.


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