We respect the privacy of all visitors to our site. Our hosting service may collect stats and information on your visit. However, we do not share this information with anyone else and have no plans to do so.

I understand that your main concern is the privacy of your personal information. That is my main concern as well. In this time and age, we should all protect our private information.

It is for that reason that does not share, publish, sell, or trade any kind of private information you share with us here. Whatever private information you provide for us, stays within the confines of

The only time you have to share your private information is when you post a comment. Specifically, you would have to provide your email address and name to be able to post a comment. I want to reiterate that your email address will not be published, shared, bartered, or sold to any company or vendor.

For your information, there is one more bit of private information that we are able to catch every time you post a comment. Aside from your name and email address, we are able to catch your IP address. Your IP address enables us to determine where you are coming from. We will ONLY use your IP address for demographic and profiling purposes. We do not use your IP address any other way unless required by the law. (Please see my guidelines for using my website).

I will be updating the privacy policy of when the need arises. In the meantime, this is how I will protect any kind of private information you will share with me here on

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