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I’m Megan X. This site you’re on right now is mine. I own BehavioralEcology.net. Since you’re on it right now, you agree to comply with my guidelines.

You are to use BehavioralEcology.net as an informative source for dating and relationships only. Whether you take my website seriously or not, that’s completely up to you.

The articles I have posted here are either based on my readings and experiences. I do not have any educational background or a PhD (although I wish I was one! I definitely would love to be a dating nerd) on any kind of behavioral science. So I don’t claim to be some kind of behavioral expert on dating and relationships. If, for some reasons, I sound like one, that’s because of my extensive experience on dating and relationships. I have been on a lot of amazing dates and life-changing relationships. At the same time, I have experienced the lowest of low in dating and relationships. All that put together makes me look like some kind of dating expert even if I am not.

BehavioralEcology.net contains affiliate links to products that I feature on this site. These products are aligned to what I believe can bridge the gap between a man and a woman in a relationship. That’s what I believe in but it doesn’t mean you should believe in them as well. It’s your choice to believe in them. Hence, it’s your choice to purchase them if you decide to. I am not liable for any decisions you will make with regards to the products I feature here on my website so I insist that you do your due diligence and research.

I have painstakingly put together all the articles (including the photos) here on BehavioralEcology.net. Should you find a need to use any of my articles, you have to ask my permission first. I own all the articles on BehavioralEcology.net. I reserve the right to know how you will use them online and offline.

BehavioralEcology.net welcomes your thoughts, experiences, and opinions on dating. Feel free to drop a comment or two. However, we will never tolerate any kind of foul language here on BehavioralEcology.net. Your comments should be related to the article. Your chance to post a comment here on our website should not be misconstrued as an opportunity to malign or discriminate anyone. BehavioralEcology.net reserves the right to screen and disapprove such comments.

Updates and changes to these guidelines will be posted here. Whatever changes and updates there are on BehavioralEcology.net, you agree to comply with them as well.

Lastly, I understand that I cannot please everybody. So if you are one of those people that aren’t pleased with what I have to offer here, then you can just leave my site. I still would like to thank you for finding time to check out my site and wish you well in your search for dating and relationships information that you will find useful and give you a fulfilled and happy life. 🙂

Thank you for complying with my guidelines.

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