6 Big Dating Turn-Offs For Women

women-dating-turn-offWe live in a world where attraction plays a pivotal role. While a man is often concerned with domination and conquering the opposite sex, a woman is more on the watch for red flags that might signal to her on whether her date is a bust or not.

Going on a date, especially first dates, is not always that easy. While both parties are trying to get a feel of each other, there are times when the pursuer (usually men), overly tries to impress the pursued (women). I’ve been on really bad dates. I think I have had my share of really bad experiences with men, which I think qualifies me as an authority (haha) to put together a list of top turn offs for women. Let me get this rolling along. Related read: Must learn dating tips from Tao Of Badass

6. Do You Fall Into The Category Of Narcissism?

If self-admiration and self-adulation are the adjectives which describe your existence, then be prepared to remain single. Women find self-obsessed people to be a big turn off, especially, when you’re too full of yourself on the first date.

5. Male Chauvinism Is A Killer

Don’t act superior. What can totally screw the deal for you is acting and feeling superior. No matter if you’re a college student or the CEO of a major company, if you think and act superior like you own the world, you can rest assured that you have successfully managed to turn us off with your persona.

4. Ignorance Is Not Bliss

No one likes to be ignored, ever. Women often judge their dates by the amount of attention they receive, especially when you are still getting to know each other. Of course, women do not require 100% attention (although that would be nice of course), just be mindful and show some interest in her and not let it all be about you.

If you have a big mouth, and have a habit of bragging about things which are simply not true, it’s time to step out of the dating game. Eventually, we’ll find out the truth so never go overboard.

3. Do You Toot Your Horn Always?

If you have a big mouth, and have a habit of bragging about things which are simply not true, it’s time to step out of the dating game. Eventually, we’ll find out the truth so never go overboard. Stick with the facts and don’t overly sugar coat stories. Related read: Joshua Pellicer badass guide to conquering women

2. Sex Obsession

Men have a habit of being obsessed with sex, especially, when they are in the company of beautiful women. Try and avoid talking about sex, especially, if you are on a date for the first time. There is a right time and place for that. We’ll give you signs when its the right time, but just do not rush. Related read: Should you pickup women with wide hips?

1. Shifty, Straying Eyes

Ah, the age old problem of shifty eyes! Caught the attention of a beautiful woman standing at the bar? Wait … are you with your girlfriend on a date? Just do not check out other women at our expense. Try and be more focused and concentrate on the woman you are with.

Never underestimate the instinct of a woman. We can be very sensitive to things that turn us off. When we notice a couple of red flags happening concurrently on a date, it’s more than likely that you won’t have another chance with us at all. Remember, you’ve been warned.


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6 thoughts on “6 Big Dating Turn-Offs For Women

  1. > Ignorance Is Not Bliss. No one likes to be ignored, ever.

    ‘Ignorance’ has nothing to do with ‘being ignored’, except perhaps the common stem.
    This is the cutest mistake I have ever seen anyone make, mostly because it stems from… ignorance.

    1. You likely mean TOO emotional manic/panic men or would women like to date an egoistic psychopath? Nearly nobody can stand those people, they are manipulative, aggressive and cold (but some may play emotions to manipulate people while others don’t show empathy at all).


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