5 Simple Ways To Let Go Of The Pressures Of Dating

dating-tips-no-pressureDating is fun and exciting but it can also be very stressful. We all want to make a perfect first impression on our dates. For example, just thinking of what to wear on a date is enough to stress us to out. The whole process of meeting someone new and hoping everything turns out well can really unleash the pressures of dating. But there are ways to deal with all the pressures.

5. Avoid Listening To People Who Are Pressuring You

One of the reasons why we are pressured to date is because we listen to other people. There maybe someone from our family who is always asking us why we’re not married yet and we take it seriously. Sometimes we meet people who make a big fuss about being single. They make it sound like being single is some kind of disease. That can really be stressful. It’s hard to ignore people who think that way, most especially if we are related to them. Related read: Be a dating badass with this hot guide

It’s best not to listen to them. It really won’t do us any good if we take them seriously. Besides, there’s nothing wrong with being single. The truth is that it can actually be a good thing. If we embrace the freedom that comes with being single, we won’t have to be too stressed out with dating.

4. Enjoy The Date, There’s No Need To Try Too Hard

Sometimes we want to see the sparks right away that we end up trying to hard on the first date. We meet someone new and we’re already thinking of the second, third, and fourth date. We look too much into the future and end up trying too hard. That really shouldn’t be the case. We should just enjoy the date and take it for what it is … a date!

Dating should really be fun. It shouldn’t really be stressful because the stress won’t get us anywhere. It’ll only scare our date away.

3. Lower Your Expectations From A Date

One of the reasons why dating can be so stressful is that we expect too much from it. It’s normal to have some expectations. I think that’s part of the exciting world of dating. But we really shouldn’t expect that much. The most we can expect is that we’re going to meet a new friend. But to expect that the date will lead to forever can be really stressful.

2. Lighten Up and Don’t Take It Seriously

Even if the date turns out great, it’s best not to take it seriously yet. After all, it’s just a date. Even if we are face-to-face with the most wonderful person, we should just enjoy the moment. Turning the date into a serious talk will scare the wonderful person away. We can really lessen the pressure of dating if we don’t take the date seriously. Related read: Joshua Pellicer’s badass tips to be effective in dating

1. Date At Your Own Pace

Dating can be really stressful most specially if we force it. Let’s face it, there will be times when we just can find a date. That can happen on a Friday night or even on a Saturday night. But that’s okay. If we can’t find a date, we really shouldn’t force the issue. We can enjoy the night with some friends and still go out. There’s really nothing wrong with not having a date on a Friday or Saturday night.

Dating should really be fun. It shouldn’t really be stressful because the stress won’t get us anywhere. It’ll only scare our date away. If we keep on scaring them away, we will never meet the right one. That’s why it’s good to just let go of all the pressures of dating.

Do you have any other tips to relieve the pressures from dating? Let’s hear it.

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6 thoughts on “5 Simple Ways To Let Go Of The Pressures Of Dating

  1. Great tips, Megan! I especially like #3, which is to lower our expectations. I should try harder to really do that because I’m always expecting a lot from my dates. I try so hard to impress them. Just when I think everything is going pretty well, she goes home or just totally disappears. I just don’t get it.

    1. There’s a whole chapter on Confidence on TOB. You should read it. There are tips there that you could use to exude the right kind of confidence women are attracted to.

  2. I think the stressful part of dating is figuring out if he’s into you or not. Then it gets more stressful if he doesn’t call the next day.

  3. You’re so right! Being single isn’t so bad. It’s actually a good thing. Most especially when I hear my married friends complain about their spouses.


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